We exist for companies who want to scale globally at pace.

The advice, support and experience from Newfound and its advisers has been fundamental to our successful entry and acceleration into the UK marketplace.
- Ben Gleisner | CEO, CoGo

Our Story

We’re pragmatic experts in scaling to new markets, enabling businesses to move on market opportunities with the right knowledge, plan and people to support their ambitions.

With a strong history around executive search, we know the value of talent and ensure the very best talent is an integral part of our service.

Consider us
an extension of your team

We exist for companies who want to scale globally at pace.

We are pragmatic experts in scaling businesses to new markets, enabling them to seize market opportunities with the right knowledge, plan, and people to support their ambitions.

How do we do this?

We excel because we bring together a unique combination of essential pieces of the expansion journey. The key levers to international growth, as we see them, are knowledge, talent, connections, and access to capital (new revenue and funding).

No doubt, you can do this on your own; in fact, we only work with companies that can do it alone. We can help you expedite and optimise your go-to-market model.


We offer bespoke research to help you make robust, defensible decisions about your international expansion strategy. This research is customisable, timely, and delivered in a clear format for rapid deployment.

Sales Acceleration

Our expert advisors can help you build an effective Go-to-Market model which enhances every element of your commercial functions to deliver the required growth.


Access to the best talent is integral to accelerating your growth in new markets. Our Executive Search and Advisor Connect services are built on research, meaning we can help you make the right decisions the first time around.


When you work with us, you have access to our network of experts, industry leaders, and investors, ensuring that you're already being introduced to the right people at the right time when you make moves.

Revenue and Funding

Have you got product-market fit? We can help you get funding, find niches, and build a network that ensures you can hit the ground running in a new market.

We're Global

Headquartered in London, the company is led by Peter Gillingwater, a super-connected UK-based Kiwi who is a world leader in tech venture headhunting and international business growth.

Our Asia-Pacific team is led out of Melbourne by Claire Marriott, an experienced company builder and specialist in international executive search.

We have people on the ground throughout the UK (Aberdeen, Nottingham, Manchester), New Zealand and Portugal.

Our team

We work together across timezones to tackle challenges with our clients.

Peter Gillingwater
Claire Marriott
Amy Gallagher
Head Of Marketing
Cameron Marshall
Senior Commercial Analyst
Dr George Windsor
Research Director
James A Brown
New Zealand Director
Jon Keating
Liz Wood
Head of Client Delivery, APAC
Oliver Hawkley
Paul Beale
Head of Growth & Partnerships
Soozey Johnstone
Growth & Change Expert
Stephen Dunford
Steven Standring