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Here, the Newfound team, as well as experts in our network share their tips, experience and insights.

Australia's Tech Ecosystem in 2023

Here, we explore the factors driving growth, opportunities, and risks in Australia's tech ecosystem in 2023.


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Scaling to new markets: It's all about the people.

As part of a new series, Oliver Hawkley, a partner in our global executive search practice, will be exploring the importance of having the right people on board when scaling to new markets and how to find them‍.

Expert insights from female founders: how to scale

In this blog, we are excited to bring you insights from eight trailblazing entrepreneurs who share their scaling stories, the valuable lessons they've learned and advice for fellow women entrepreneurs who are eager to take their ventures to the next level.

Master the basics: what UK investors are looking for in your pitch

Here we share first-hand learnings from UK-based investors about what they look for in pitches from tech scaleups, giving you tangible and actionable advice you can apply next time you’re in the boardroom.

7 top tips from the experts: How do I plan my UK market entry?

Learn first-hand from the industry experts, local advisers and experienced founders on what the UK business climate is like and how to enter the market successfully.

Newfound concludes its first Australia Fintech Market Mission

Our first ever #newfoundmarketmissions to Australia concluded on a high note last week with tons of insights for our 18 rising fintechs from UK, NZ, Sweden and India to take home.