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Australia's Tech Ecosystem in 2023

Here, we explore the factors driving growth, opportunities, and risks in Australia's tech ecosystem in 2023.

Newfound supports expansion.
at every stage.

As you scale to new markets, three things matter more than anything else. Firstly, the quality of the team you build. Secondly, the relevance and depth of your knowledge of the market, and lastly, your ability to connect and sell to new customers with different needs.

Selecting the Right Market
Selecting the right market is essential. We assess markets based on market data, policies and macroeconomic trends.
Validating the Market
Having accurate knowledge of a market enables you to make an informed go/no-go decision, while building a foundation for success.
Finding the Right Team
The right people will accelerate your growth exponentially. We’re specialists at finding the right leaders and experts for B2B tech.
Commercial GTM Planning
Understanding your customers and channel partners informs a focused GMT strategy.  By connecting you, we can help put your plans into action.
Market Launch
Connecting with quality service providers will allow you to focus on what's important - building your team and making sales.

We help scale-ups succeed on
the world stage.

You've validated your home market business and are now ready for international growth. Increased competition, customer cultural differences and international team dynamics will all impact your chances for success.

We've been there with every client.

Market Entry
Market Validation
Commercial Planning
Market Launch
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Trade & Investment

We partner with trade and investment organisations to design and deliver market missions and programmes from cohorts of businesses. Our market entry experience and network allow us to challenge, educate and drive outcomes for participants.

Market Missions
Market Programmes
Mission Support
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Executive Search

The best people will accelerate your growth exponentially. We’re specialists at finding the right leaders for global companies and are experts at supporting your market entry plans with the right people.

Executive Search
First Hire In-market
Integration Support
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Bespoke Research
Fully bespoke research for corporate innovation
Co-designed to meet your specific needs
Engaging numerous data sources and utilising experts on the ground

Our clients
and government partners

We work with scale-ups and governments that support them

Our story

We exist for companies who want to scale globally at pace. 

We’re pragmatic experts in scaling to new markets, enabling businesses to move on market opportunities with the right knowledge, plan and people to support their ambitions.

With a strong history around executive search, we know the value of talent and ensure the very best talent is an integral part of our service.

Our team

We work together across timezones to tackle challenges with our clients.

Dr George Windsor
Research Director
Stephen Dunford
Amy Gallagher
Head Of Marketing
Peter Gillingwater
Claire Marriott
Cameron Marshall
Senior Commercial Analyst
James A Brown
New Zealand Director
Liz Wood
Head of Client Delivery, APAC
Oliver Hawkley
Soozey Johnstone
Growth & Change Expert
Ty Pattison
Commercial Operations Director

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