Capital Raising

Learn how investors think
Understand what they need to see from you
Build your investor pack live
Prepare to pitch it perfectly

"The total amount of capital raised across all stages of development is down to $164.8 billion in the first six months of 2023 compared to $317.2 billion [USD] in the same period in 2022."
Forbes, 2023

Capital Raising is a process.

Use a best-in-class system to secure investment from top investors and succeed in a complex funding environment. €400m+ raised since 2021.

Understand the current market

There is cash on offer, but investors are  cautious. Valuations are down and less deals are closing. You’ll start by understanding how investors think, and their motivations.

The right funding option for you

Work through the numerous funding options you have for your business. Weigh up the pros and cons of each, and select your preferred way to raise.

Your Story

Create a compelling story

Focus on the investor’s angle, show you can return the entire VC fund, and how.

Create your investor pack

The deck and supporting documents. These are essential. You'll leave with everything you need. From first contact to term sheet and deal closing.

Prepare your financials

You need to be able to talk confidently about your numbers. Build your financial storyline – like your company story, but financially focused. Traction, sales, projections – everything.

The Pitch

Find the right investors

Not all investors are equal. We’ll help you identify the ones who’ll bring more to the to the table than cash.

Pitch training

We build it with you, then iterate it until you’re pitch-perfect.

Investor question prep

We’ll help you anticipate what investors will ask, and build the answer they’ll need to hear.

Getting a good deal

Recognise potential pitfalls in an offer, and don’t get screwed at the final stage.