From the first mover to a top player

The Challenge

Mapiq offers a smart office solution that enables companies to maximise the use of their spaces and facilities in the most efficient and flexible way. Mapiq supports employees to best utilise their space so that they have a more collaborative, efficient, and frictionless workday.

Mapiq has secured impressive clients and brands such as Microsoft, Unilever, Heineken, and PwC. Working with these multinationals has pushed Mapiq to expand internationally, resulting in impressive organic growth to more than 20 markets.

There are risks if organic market expansion is unchecked, it could cause operational and customer satisfaction issues down the line that might cause problems for the core business. However, the global pandemic is accelerating the need for flexible working solutions and Mapiq needs to make sure it can provide a high-quality global offering and expand sustainably and profitably. Mapiq joined Compass to find the right strategy to succeed globally.

Quick Facts

  • Founding year: 2014
  • % women in C-level: 1 (25%)
  • Industry: Property
  • Total Funding: 5-7.5m EUR
  • Expansion priorities: GTM, pricing, Org design
  • Offices + HQ: Delft

The Approach

Lessons from Compass

Being first in the market has advantages and risks. Mapiq’s product category is relatively new, but there are large competitors such as Siemens and Phillips, so the company will have to shift from an innovative first mover to a company with differentiated USPs. As Mapiq expands further afield into US and Asian markets, they are considering the alternative of less centralised operational models, and there will be a number of key hires to make in order to build a scalable business.


It’s fun! Bring order into the chaos.

For me, it’s fun and that’s needed. Working with experts in Compass is super powerful. If you try to build a sustainable company you need to go international.

What I think adds a lot of value and is very powerful is the involvement of our leadership team throughout the programme.

Questions such as which countries to focus on or how are we going to decide on the next markets need to be answered by the whole team.

Sander Schutte

The Results

Before vs. after the programme

I was already very enthusiastic about building a global company and Compass has further matured our thinking. It helped us move forward with our decision making and informed us of practical approaches, next steps and how we align everybody on the same agenda.

Next Steps

Through Compass we have been forming relationships and connecting with local partners like recruiters, PR agents and founders who have done it before in our target market, especially the US. Keeping our approach practical for a soft landing.

Market Entry

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