Validating multiple markets for Aussie fintech

The Challenge

OSQO is building the internet of debt and has big ambitions to take its decentralised debt exchange global. Critical to its success, Stuart McGregor CEO needed to identify the optimum debt product to act as its route to market and prioritise the country in which OSQO could expand into.

After taking part in our Market Missions programme, Stuart contacted us in May 2022 to deliver a multiple market research programme in just 2-4 weeks ahead of a trip to validate the business’ market expansion plans.

Quick Facts

  • Website: https://www.osqo.com/
  • Industry: DeFi, Fintech
  • Headcount: 10
  • HQ: Melbourne, Victoria  
  • Founding year: 2018
  • Expansion priorities: Product-market fit, Validating multiple markets

The Approach

With three markets to validate in just one report and a matter of weeks, we had a formulaic approach when conducting market research.

We immediately defined a brief, working to focus on each market’s size and maturity, homing in on OSQO’s niche specifically. After finishing research on the first market, we obtained feedback from OSQO to ensure the information obtained were of the quality and value that the client was expecting. We then reapplied the same research methodology and model to the rest of the markets.

We broke down the different debt products available, and how OSQO can enter each market through tangible recommendations. Using this research, we were able to confidently validate each market, highlighting that Canada was relatively less attractive to pursue and showcasing the UK and USA’s potential.

Newfound also lined up a number of f2f meetings for OSQO in the UK enabling some potential partnerships for the future.

Thanks to Newfound’s help, we’ve been able to identify the best markets for OSQO to tap into before investing intensive capital. Having introductions to industry people combined with a bespoke report on the UK, USA and Canada’s debt markets was invaluable, and now we’re ready to undertake a more targeted approach.

Stuart McGregor | Founder

The Results

We delivered a high-level bespoke report on the UK, USA and Canada’s debt markets filled with targeted data ahead of Stuart’s trip.

Our research and insights have equipped Stuart and his team with the market knowledge and confirmation that the UK and USA present huge opportunities for growth.

The work allows OSQO to focus and prioritise the markets in which they are more likely to succeed. We’re continuing to work alongside OSQO’s team to further research and support its international expansion plans and successful commercial rollout.

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