Journey to the East

The Challenge

Wizenoze brings structure to delivering trusted digital content to learners of any age. Wizenoze is a vast, easily searchable digital library curated for learners that is expansive, diverse, reliable and safe. The best results from the internet are matched to any curriculum to bring out the best in students.

The Edtech market is hot, and has accelerated through Covid as education digitizes. The market is estimated to reach $400B by 2025 with a CAGR of over 16%. Wizenoze is at a watershed moment as the company expects rapid growth in 2021 with ARR forecasted to increase +100%, and the number of active users reaching approximately 3 million.

Many European companies look to develop US markets first, however, Wizenoze is heading East to India, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), so it needs a clear go-to-market strategy that capitalises on the market opportunity and drives enterprise value.

It’s in the process of developing a clear and scalable brand identity that will resonate with customers and end-users while remaining true to the company’s purpose of creating positive impact in the world of education and society as a whole.

Quick Facts

  • Founding year: 2013
  • % women in C-level: 26-50%
  • Industry: Education
  • Total Funding: 7.5-10m EUR
  • Expansion priorities: Feasibility, price, product
  • Offices + HQ: Amsterdam, London, Delhi

The Approach

Lessons from Compass

Knowing your brand

Increasingly the internet is driven by commercial agendas and paid sponsorships, so consumers are often faced with biased content, misinformation and ‘fake news.’ This presents an opportunity for Wizenoze to curate quality content and delivers meaningful, relevant and unbiased information to its learners

The Wizenoze business model is B2B2C. Although the sale is very much B2B, the ultimate end-user is the student consumer, and as Wizenoze scales, one challenge is establishing a strong brand and identity to convey the company’s purpose and mission to end-users.

With the brand at the core of future activities, product, messaging and a clear go-to-market strategy will naturally follow, enabling Wizenoze to develop a scalable, repeatable global business model ready to be localised for individual markets.


Dutch scaleups need to think bigger. We need to think international from day 1 and that means having your business set up on all functionalities with a view to going international. It’s important that you have this right mindset from the beginning.

The good thing about spending time on Compass is that you force yourself to look at the bigger picture again, are we doing it right? Are we building the right things? And that, I would say, is the strength of the programme.

Diane Janknegt

The Results

Before vs after the programme

I find it interesting that the programme was delivered in partnership with a non-Dutch business like Newfound. It was a very smart move. I wouldn’t say the programme has a pure international focus as it actually addressed our business as a whole, helping us see how we can improve our organisation to make sure it’s ready to expand. When I applied, I had a strong opinion that you can never do this yourself so getting inputs from the experts and lots of other people was very valuable for me.

Next steps

Scaling is not just about one thing, everything has to fit together. You need to grow your operations, manage your financing, find new talent and make yourself more efficient. It’s difficult to say what needs our attention the most right now but we would probably start by working on making sure people understand us and what we are doing. We are definitely going to work on the brand proposition and overall perception right now and I’m sure there will be many more things to do on a day-to-day basis.

New Market Entry

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