Sales Acceleration

Newfound can help you build a robust, Go-to-Market strategy which is the foundation for future growth.
Our expert advisors can create a Lead generation model across Marketing, Partners and Sales which is at the heart of delivering consistent revenue growth.
We have the expertise to dramatically improve customer acquisition results through the creation of best practise sales processes.
Newfound works with you to construct a first-class Customer Management team and improve Customer Satisfaction and Net Revenue Retention (NRR).

"Research shows that 68% of B2B SaaS startups that successfully scale have a strong go-to-market strategy in place from the early stages of their development."
Tech Insights, 2019

Sales Acceleration services.

We work with companies to identify opportunities to achieve scalable, repeatable revenue growth across the four pillars of the go-to-market model: Strategy, Lead Generation, Customer Acqusition and Customer Growth. 

Newfound can work with your teams to improve your go to market strategy. From target market analysis to assessing product-market fit, aiding international expansion, and enhancing your value proposition and messaging.

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Lead Generation

Our expert advisors can help you drive demand and accelerate growth through implementing best practice across the three lead sources: Direct Sales, Marketing and Partners.

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Customer Acquisition

We can help you increase rates of new customer acquisition through use of best in class sales processes, playbooks and revenue enablement.

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Customer Growth

Newfound will help you build a world class Customer Management model which builds relationships, ensures realisation of value and creates a platform to uncover expansion opportunities.

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