New Market Entry

Accelerate time-to-revenue in your new market
Clear focus on actionable, commercial knowledge-building and connections
Developed from years of experience helping businesses expand into new markets

"In 42% of cases, failed startups created a product or service that didn’t meet a real felt need in the market."
Forbes, 2023

New market entry

With a network of experts and tailored programmes, our clients receive the support, guidance and they need to grow into new markets.
New Market Validation

This programme progressively builds your knowledge of a market. We’ll identify risks and highlight market potential. Enabling you to make an informed go/no-go decision while building the foundations that allow you to enter and scale successfully.

Commercial Planning

Following your validation of a market, we focus on deeply understanding the market through your customers and developing your path to revenue in that market.

Market Launch

You have a robust plan for expansion and routes to revenue; you are ready to launch. Getting this stage right positions you for success which is essential to building market awareness. We support you in taking the leap, providing critical information, connections, and on-the-ground support to soar in your new market.

Case Studies


What added the most value for me was the fact that individual leaders in my team were able to take a look at their part of the business, get input from advisers and receive a collective overview. That collective understanding of the challenges we face as a company is very valuable.

Wouter Klinkhamer

The good thing about spending time on Compass is that you force yourself to look at the bigger picture again, are we doing it right? Are we building the right things? And that, I would say, is the strength of the programme.

Diane Janknegt

This report provides insights into the UK market that we weren’t aware of before. It has given us guidance in shaping V2X’s UK market entry strategy and informed our next steps.

Lert Tantisukrit, CEO, V2X

Compass put internationalisation on our roadmap. It helped get the team aligned and to bring up the topic to focus together on going international. We already had ideas, but now we have a focused plan.

Patrick Meutzner

Newfound has done exceptional work in giving us insights on the market opportunity for a digital intervention like ours. The report was enormously beneficial and will craft the way that we enter the market.

Alex Barty, Head of International, TALi

I liked that Compass was action-oriented and we get to put theoretical feedback into a practical road map. What we got definitely goes beyond advice and we were happy there was an external look into the company and the work that we have done.

Pieter Broekema

For me, the core of Compass is the body of advisers that are supporting it. Knowing that they have been through it before and getting to learn from their experiences, backgrounds, success and mistakes are key to the programme.

Rogier van Nieuwenhuizen

As a busy scale-up, finding the time to research and validate North America’s markets was a challenge for us. However, Newfound made things simpler, working as part of our team to gain a real understanding of tax credit markets and the opportunities for growth.

Shoayb Patel, Founder, RDVault

Newfound supported us in some critical business decisions around the UK & Europe and enabled the executive team & the board to commit to important plans and investment.

Gerard Daniels, Managing Director, Purefacts

Thanks to Newfound’s help, we’ve been able to identify the best markets for OSQO to tap into before investing intensive capital. Having introductions to industry people combined with a bespoke report on the UK, USA and Canada’s debt markets was invaluable, and now we’re ready to undertake a more targeted approach.

Stuart McGregor, Founder, OSQO

What I think adds a lot of value and is very powerful is the involvement of our leadership team throughout the programme. Questions such as which countries to focus on or how are we going to decide on the next markets need to be answered by the whole team.

Sander Schutte

Newfound was responsive and effective from start to finish. We had a tight timeline and needed tangible data to help us commit to UK expansion – the Newfound team ticked all these boxes and our relationship in the UK continues.

Bion Behdin, CRO, First AML
First AML

I like the fact that your approach is more scientific and the advice you gave us is very actionable. It is the same way in which we strive to do things within Felyx

Quinten Selhorst, CEO & Co-founder, Felyx

The Newfound team delivered an invaluable 5-day programme of meetings with key stakeholders to help us validate the significant market potential for our business in the UK. It's enabled us to quickly build relationships with the right people to make our UK market-entry a success.

Tim Dean, CEO, Credi

The advice, support & experience from Newfound & their advisers has been fundamental to our successful entry & acceleration into the UK marketplace. They continue in this capacity as trusted partners and now friends.

Ben Gleisner, CEO, Cogo

This research validates to my investors what I already thought I knew. It resulted in the go-ahead for a new cap raise, GDPR investment and UK localisation of product.

David Murray, CEO, Buildxact